3 of the Most Common Bad Faith Insurance Tactics

The reality is that insurance companies are businesses and their goal is to make money. When these insurance companies look for any reason to deny valid personal injury claims, injured individuals are the ones that suffer.

For those individuals who have not gone through the insurance claims process for personal injury cases, make sure your rights do not go unprotected. Here are some bad faith insurance tactics the insurance company may use to deny your claim.

1. Delaying the Process

Insurance companies may try to delay the process of a personal injury claim. They may prevent immediate Investigation of the incident or take longer than they should to respond or offer a settlement. Someone who is not aware of insurance company tactics may take this delay as a sign that they won’t win their case or that they should simply take the first settlement offered to them. However, it’s important to remember that this is just a bad faith insurance tactic. If your claim is valid, they are required by law to move the process along in a timely manner.

2. Denying that a Valid Claim Is Covered

Under Pennsylvania’s no-fault insurance system, injured individuals will go through their own insurance company for compensation. You are required by law to cooperate with them and give them the evidence they need to assess your claim. However, remember that even your own insurance company may say that your injuries are not covered under your policy. They may try to misrepresent the language in your contact in order to defend this statement. Your personal injury attorney will work to ensure that your insurance contract is upheld and the company pays you the compensation you are entitled to receive.

3. Paying Only Partial Benefits

If your insurance company does decide to give you compensation, do not take the first settlement they offer you without first speaking to a personal injury attorney. Many times, the insurance company will offer you a low-ball amount of compensation, hoping you will settle for less than you deserve. Your attorney will look at the evidence, help you determine if you deserve more than the original settlement offer, and fight to get you this amount.

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