Your Spine and the Impact of an Injury

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While any injury can be considered serious, damage to your spine can cause lifelong challenges. Your spine and spinal cord are broken into sections. Each of these sections helps control a different part of your body. Damage to each of these sections can impact you differently, and the higher your injury, the more obstacles you may experience.

Here are the four levels of your spine you should know about and what symptoms you may endure because of your injury.

Cervical Spine Injury

The highest level of the spine is the cervical vertebrae. It is the superior portion of the vertebral column and sits between the thoracic spine and your cranium. As such, an injury to this level can result in some of the most severe damages. Many of those who suffer a cervical spine injury can experience quadriplegia, which is the loss of functionality in all four limbs.

Thoracic Spine Injury

Just below the cervical spine sit the thoracic vertebra. It’s this level of the spine that, when damaged, can lead to paraplegia. When paraplegia occurs, it causes you to lose feeling and functionality below the injury location, typically impacting your lower limbs most.

Lumbar Spine Injury

While a lumbar spine injury can cause paraplegia, some of the more common damages you can sustain include:

  • Trouble walking
  • Bowel and bladder control problems
  • Hip and groin function issues

Sacrum Spine Injury

Just above your tailbone is your sacrum. A sacral spine injury can be significant, but in many cases, you may still be able to walk with the help of specialized medical equipment. You can also experience bowel and bladder control issues.

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