What to Do after a Montgomery County Car Accident

A car accident is a jarring experience. That fact is that most people, even those not injured, feel dazed for hours, or even days, afterwards. It can be easy to let things go by the wayside. There are, however, several things everyone should do in the aftermath of a car accident

Pottstown car accident checklist

If you’ve been involved in an auto accident in Montgomery or Chester County make sure to do the following, or ask a loved one to do it for you:

  • Call the police. Even if the vehicles appear drivable and there do not appear to be any serious injuries, the police are in the best position to document the accident and make sure the drivers properly exchange insurance information.
  • Get the exchange sheet from the police. This is not the full police report but contains important information regarding the involved drivers and vehicles, the applicable insurance policies, and the time and location of the crash. It also identifies the police department and individual officer responding to the crash and may include the names of witnesses.
  • Get contact info for witnesses to the accident. It does not always show up in the police report. Start thinking about a list of family members and friends who can testify as to how your injuries affected your life.
  • Take pictures of the vehicles, the scene, and any visible injuries you have. Except for the most serious accidents, police usually perform only a cursory investigation. They often do not take pictures. The pictures you take may end up being the only available evidence.
  • Contact your own auto insurer to get a claim number. Give this number to any doctor or medical provider you see. If you don’t own a car, see our prior post on first-party medical benefits.
  • You have medical coverage so get checked out, even if your symptoms seem minor. Tell the doctor about every symptom and when it started.
  • You will probably be contacted by the other driver’s insurance company. Do not give a statement.

After the accident, if you have any pain or post-concussive symptoms like confusion, dizziness, headaches or vision problems, ask to be taken to the emergency room. If you develop any problems in the days following the accident, seek immediate medical treatment. If you cannot get in with your family doctor, consider an urgent care facility or the emergency room.

Contact a Pottstown Personal Injury Attorney

Even seemingly minor auto accidents can cause significant injuries. Take steps to preserve evidence for every accident because pain and other symptoms can develop days later. If you have been injured in a car accident in Chester or Montgomery County, contact the Pottstown injury lawyers at Mayerson Law online or at (610) 492-7155 for a free initial case evaluation.