Jury Reaches Verdict of $250,000 After a 3-day Trial in a Montgomery County Slip and Fall Case

Our client, William McMenamin, slipped and fell on black ice in the designated employee parking area at his place of work, Redner’s Market. The black ice developed over a week after snow had been plowed into the curb along the employee parking area where it was left to “melt and refreeze.” Mr. McMenamin slipped and fell only 1 week later when he tried to get into his vehicle during his lunch break, resulting in his full weight coming down onto his elbow, fracturing his ulnar. Unfortunately, this required surgical repair with ten screws and a plate, leaving him out of work for 3 months. Over time, Mr. McMenamin made a good recovery but is currently left with mild residual discomfort which worsens considerably when it rains.

The Property Manager contracted Merit Service Solutions to remove the snow and ice, which then subcontracted the work to a local outfit, Triton Landscaping, and was paid $137,705. Merit Service Solutions paid Triton Landscaping approximately $96,393, netting $41,312 for subcontracting the work to Triton. The Property Manager testified photographs did not show any defect, and he would not direct his snow and ice removal outfit to clear it away. Our legal team argued this testimony was particularly reprehensible, given at least 1 person had already been seriously injured.

The jury found no comparative negligence on our client, and instead found the Property Manager to be 25% negligent, Triton Landscaping to be 20% negligent, and Merit Service Solutions, the contractor meant to do the work, 55% negligent. The verdict was $250,000.

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