Hit and Run Accidents in Montgomery County, PA

It is hard to believe that some people are so callous and irresponsible that they would flee the scene after causing a car accident. But unfortunately, it happens every day. In most cases, these perpetrators are quickly found, arrested, and charged with one of several criminal offenses. However, in some rare cases, drivers of so-called phantom vehicles cause accidents, flee the scene, and are never identified or located. In either case, the innocent victims of such conduct are likely to experience a great deal of anger, fear, and uncertainty. In these complex and frustrating situations, our Pottstown car accident lawyers are here to help residents of Montgomery County, Chester County, and the surrounding areas who have been injured by the reckless conduct of hit-and-run drivers.

Hit-and-run drivers: Why they run

A driver causes an accident and then flees the scene. He tries to run but doesn’t get far before police catch up to him. This may seem like a just ending. But unfortunately, it often still means problems for the innocent injured driver.

Hit-and-run drivers usually run for a reason. In some cases, they may be driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. They may be driving on a suspended or revoked license. They may be driving without insurance. Or they may have outstanding warrants or other legal troubles they are worried will come to light if they have to interact with police. Further, these drivers often have little or no insurance.

Whether the hit-and-run driver is caught or gets away, it is often a situation where your own insurance policy may be the only source of compensation, illustrating why it is so important to protect yourself and your family by purchasing UM/UIM and first party coverage.

Options for victims of phantom vehicles and hit-and-run drivers

The good news is that victims of phantom vehicles and hit and run drivers can still look to their own policies for compensation, provided they have purchased the appropriate coverage.

  • Collision coverage will pay, less your deductible, to repair your vehicle or pay you the market value for your vehicle if it cannot be economically repaired.
  • PIP coverage will pay for your medical expenses, up to your policy limits.
  • First party wage loss, if purchased, will pay for the time you missed from work, up to applicable limits.
  • Uninsured motorist coverage (UM) can pay compensation for pain and suffering, as well as medical bills and lost wages in excess of your fist party policy limits.

Liability insurance protects others from your negligent actions. But the coverages outlined above protect you if you suffer injury or property damage due to the negligence of another driver who is underinsured, uninsured or who flees the scene after an accident.

Pottstown injury attorneys can help victims of hit-and-run drivers

If you have been injured by an uninsured or hit-and-run driver, you may still be able to receive compensation. A Mayerson Injury Law attorney what coverages and other remedies may be available to provide compensation for you and your family. We have been helping injury victims in Montgomery, Chester, and Berks County and throughout southeastern Pennsylvania for fifty years. Call us today at (610) 492-7155 or send us a message online to receive your complimentary case evaluation.