Suing the Government for Personal Injury

Through various agencies and authorities, federal, state and local governments engage in a variety of activities every day that can expose the public to the risk of harm. This can include the operation of vehicles and the maintenance of the property. Traditionally, government entities were immune from suit for personal injuries under the doctrine of sovereign immunity. However, this rule no longer holds true in all cases. Individuals injured by the negligent acts of government employees or agencies can sue under certain circumstances, but only if they follow very specific rules. That is why if you believe you have been injured due to the negligence of a government agency, it is crucial to consult an experienced Collegeville personal injury attorney without delay.

The concept of sovereign immunity is very old and dates back to the days of English common law before it ultimately took root in the United States. However, as governments began to engage in a wider array of activities, state and federal legislators saw fit to limit this rule through legislation. In Pennsylvania, these laws allow state and local agencies to be sued for injuries caused in a variety of ways, including through the negligent operation or maintenance of vehicles or by dangerous conditions of property within the care, custody or control of the government agency. An experienced Montgomery County personal injury can determine if your case may fall within one of the enumerated exceptions to state and local immunity.

In addition to the limitations above, injured individuals planning to make a claim against a state or local entity must act quickly to preserve their rights. While typical personal injury plaintiffs have two years in which to file a civil suit, a plaintiff planning to sue a state or local government entity in Pennsylvania must provide the entity (and the Attorney General if a state entity) with written notice of the claim within only six months of its occurrence. That is why it is important to act quickly if you have been injured by government negligence and consult with an experienced Collegeville personal injury lawyer as soon as possible - call us today at (610) 492-7155 for your free and confidential consultation!