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Defective Product Lawyers in Phoenixville

When we purchase products, we expect them to work properly, but sometimes they don’t. Defective products can change your life in a moment. Recalled and defective items are responsible for $500 billion in deaths, injuries and property damage annually in the United States alone. The companies that manufacture defective products can be held accountable if their goods malfunction and damage consumers. Accidents will happen, but products are supposed to be tested thoroughly to prevent the unexpected.

There are three basic types of product defects that cause injuries. Design defects take place in the planning stages before the product is released for sale. Manufacturing errors occur during the production of the item. False advertising can cause injuries if the consumer is unaware of any potential risks when using the product. The public needs to be warned if the product is unreasonably dangerous.

Defective Products Can Change Your Life

Defective products can cause broken bones, head wounds, brain damage, blindness and burns. An experienced product liability attorney knows the correct way to pursue a personal injury case against the manufacturer of the item that caused the injury. Trial lawyers know that the manufacturer’s negligence must be proven via one of four methods.
  • The manufacturer did not exercise reasonable quality control due to carelessness or an intentional shortcut.
  • The product does not live up to advertised claims.
  • Advertising did not reveal the dangers of the product.
  • The manufacturer and seller are liable for injuries caused by the defective product.

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Finding the right personal injury attorney will help you get the compensation you deserve if you were injured by a defective product. An experienced attorney will fight against the manufacturer’s lawyers to get you a just settlement. If you were injured by a defective toy, tool, machine or drug, contact a personal injury attorney immediately so that you are compensated adequately.